About Cetab South Africa

Cetab South Africa has been present in South Africa since 2005. We have invested time and resources in order to understand the social structures, cultures and history of South Africa. During these years we have built a network of relationships with entrepreneurs and the people working with them. Over the last couple of years we have constructed a platform to connect South African and Swedish entrepreneurs and their businesses with persons and companies that allows the entrepreneurs to focus on what the do best, which improves efficiency and profitability.

  • We offer market research, fundamental knowledge and can arrange visits to South Africa.
  • We offer quality-ensured networks and connections and a number of chosen companies offering all services you business needs.
  • We offer partnership and investments in your South African business. Every case is unique and we tailor-make the establishing of Scandinavian entrepreneurs that see the opportunities in South African and neighbouring countries.

The mother company Cetab (Calmare East Trade AB) started 1987 with business and network between Sweden and Estonia just after Soviet Union left, pioneer and entrepreneur company then and now. Today Cetab is a well-established company with international experience and about 10 businesses in its portfolio.

BungyPump and Hammerglass implemented a market survey for 3 month in different market segment in 2012/2013 and get a very good response and useful information. Both product is a international succes and growing strongly.