BungyPump is a multifunctional training equipment and concept that is very popular in Sweden. It has spread to Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom and now South Africa. The BungyPumps are designed and developed in Sweden and appeared in the Swedish television show Biggest Looser.

The Poles

There are three different models: 

  1. BungyPump Number One - 4 kilos resistance
    Suitable for regular exercisers, those who want to get started and rehabilitation training.

  2. BungyPump Energy - 6 kilos resistance
    Ideal for those who are already active and working out several times a week.

  3. BungyPump Active - 5 kilos resistance
    A little bit more simple training pole they fits for regular exercisers and beginners.

BungyPump is the unique training pole that has 20cm of inbuilt suspension and up to 4 or 6 kg resistance. You achieve much more from your training than you would using conventional walking poles – a stronger body, greater calorie consumption and better fitness.

The poles can be used for walking and running and is also perfect to use as a strength training tool for both indoor and outdoor use.  BungyPump is the new multifunction way of training to achieve fitness and strength at the same time.

  • Up to 77% increased burning of calories compared with regular walking
  • 90% of the body's muscles are activated when BungyPump Walking
  • Adjustable length, suits the whole family
  • Can be used by everyone - regardless of age, fitness and gender
  • Soft and gentle on shoulders and elbows
  • Praised by medical expertise - used in rehabilitation
  • Unique Swedish product manufactured in Sweden

BungyPump is the all round, effective training tool that makes exercising much more fun.

The training poles from BungyPump are unique as it has a built-in suspension without any mechanical parts as well as 4 or 6 kilos of resistance.  The suspension improves training results while increasing enjoyment. 

BungyPump is intended for all those who want to improve their condition and at the same time acquire a strong and supple body. The built-in suspension also eliminates hard shocks from the downward thrust of the poles. This means that elbows and shoulders are not overexerted and, just as with ordinary walking poles, the pressure is relieved on knees and hips.

The BungyPump poles are being discovered by more and more people - people who take regular exercise and elite sportspeople, young and old. The suspension poles are used in fitness, healthcare and rehab, and the great thing is that you can decide the pace and load by yourself.

If you have ever trained on soft marshland, you will understand the way BungyPump works. Just like when walking on a marsh, our training poles require more of your body to produce the same movements. That is why this type of training is so much more effective and people find it much more fun!

FACTS: BungyPump Length: 115-155 cm, variable adjustment possible. Grip: ergonomically designed, powerful band. Upper part of the shaft: ABS copolymer. Lower part of the shaft: aluminium. Tip: metal carbide. Rubber foot: natural rubber. Colour: black.